Player Development

• Bring your vision to life ½ POSITION GOALS ½ Fundamentals to succeed on higher level
• Teach you things you need to know for when you are not with us 
• Competitive atmosphere/environment
• Meticulous focus on details
• Blue collar work ethic 
• Blueprint time you start until the time you go into your season
• Help guys play earlier

Universal techniques
Mentally adaptable to any system and concepts
Drills to stay sharp on your own
Preparation for the next level
Drills advance with players abilities
Techniques to give players a physical and mental advantage
Polished players garner more attention
½ Iron Sharpens Iron ½
Atmosphere where players will be driven to succeed

Detailed Schedule of Development

Position Specific Development

Each training level builds on top of the previous grade level. With Performance Evaluation as the first step in the training process, each athlete is taken through benchmark testing. A comprehensive evaluation of strength, speed, and agility to determine their base level of performance in conjunction with their age. This evaluation will allow us to fit the athlete into the best performance level with like individuals for maximum results. This test will be reviewed and used to track improvement.

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